We pride ourselves on well maintained equipment, each room comes complete with “FREE” backline, Marshall, Orange and Fender guitar amps including the Dark Terror, Hartke and Orange bass amps, PA system and a Tama Superstar 4/5 piece drum kit including snare, ride cymbal, high hat and pedals (crash cymbals can be hired). Plus mics (Which we also sanitize regularly), stands and mic leads.


We have vocal monitors  to reserve. We also hire stage keyboards and crash cymbals.
As well as a selection of soft drinks and snacks we offer Free Tea and Coffee

Free WIFI to all customers

Need to live stream your rehearsal or publish content to your followers?  We have Free WIFI available to all customers.


Need guitar strings? Broken a drum stick? Lost all your plectrums? Not to worry! We have a spares shop to  ensure whatever happens we can help you keep your rehearsal going.

  • Packs of guitar and bass strings
  • Drum sticks
  • 9V and AA batteries
  • Ear plugs
  • Guitar leads
  • Plectrums and loads of other bits!

So if you're caught short, your practice doesn't have to be! We are also pleased to announce that we have free wireless internet access!

We also carry spares for all of our equipment so should any of it let you down, we'll be right in there with a spare to ensure minimal disruption to your rehearsal.